Apple Inc. has once again captivated the recognition of this planet with their delightful new invention, the MacBook Pro. The MacBook Pro and its owners are of an totally different sphere altogether. This newest design of Apple Inc. is built to deal with substantial usage at a consistent speed. There have been cases of the MacBook Pro being defective as a consequence of it being unintentionally dropped, getting too hot and also being immersed in water.

No clue how to go about it when this happens to your cherished device?

Do stop by and check us out and watch how our competent technicians do their job. Amongst all firms supplying this assistance, we are well-known for attaining the speediest turnover time for its clients.

It will take us between 1 to 3 business days to restore your MacBook Pro once we obtain it from you. We strictly exercise the utilization of superior original components. Every individual replacement component is completely authentic because we prioritises excellence over quantity so that your MacBook Pro will give top-rated efficiency after fixing.

The company has an offer that most, if not all customers will not be able to refuse and that is their 90-day after repair warranty which is 60 days in excess of what other providers offer. If you see that your trouble still remains inside this 90-day warranty time frame, please get back to us where we will resolve the trouble or give you a maximum repayment if nothing is achievable.

In the process, the company exercises green measures. We do not put any sort of raw paper to use. All client records are entered and stored on our computer database. Receipts to our clients are computer-produced directed by e-mail.

Our shops are at eCurve, Petaling Jaya and the Village Mall, Sungai Petani if you are in need of someone reliable enough to repair your prized MacBook Pro.Regardless of what it takes and what the price, will guarantee the satisfaction of all its customers.

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